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1941/42 Pacific Coast Senior Hockey Association, Part 6

Ex-NHLer Jack Riley
The addition of Jack Riley, who had recently been reinstated as an amateur, continued to pay off for the Vancouver Norvans Shipyard squad;The Vancouver Sun headline blared;"NORVANS ALONE ON TOP, Jack Riley Spearhead Of Shipyard Offense Before 4000 at Forum." The Daily Colonist exclaimed, "Norvans Register Over Clippers to Take First Berth Vancouver Hockey Squad, Paced by Jack Riley, Scores 7-3 Victory Over Nanaimo in Coast Ice League - Breaks First-Place Tie With Victoria Bapcos - Second Period Rough." The headline and byline said it all, The Daily Colonist went on to describe the rough match; "Jack Riley, recently reinstated pro, paced Norvans with two goals while Frank Pietrosky, Ken Barker, Johnny Ursaki, Bill Nelson and Norm McQuade supplied the others. Jackie Mann was the only Nanaimo scorer, netting all three of his team's goals." The Vancouver Sun wrote; "Sticks were high and so were Nanaimo tempers...there was a spot of incidental entertainment as Jimmy Kilburn, Nanaimo's chunky defenseman, and Pete Bonneville came to fighting. Most of the action in this scrap, however, centred around a promenade fan who reached over and clouted Kilburn during the scuffle."
Tickets available for the Feb. 6 match
Three nights later, in Victoria, the Norvans were delivered a very rude wake-up call. The Vancouver Sun posted the headline;"BAPCOS SWAMP CHEEKY NORVAN ICEMEN". The Daily Colonist described the debacle thusly, "Piling up the season's largest score, Victoria Bapcos last night snowed the Vancouver Norvans under an avalanche of goals for a 15-2 victory in a puckchasing fixture played before another packed house at Willows Arena. The locals flashed championship form and turned in what was by far their best team effort since the lifting of the curtain on the Coast's new hockey setup. They outskated the Norvans, backchecked them to death and turned in a grand all-round performance that left the Mainland sextette entirely out in the cold...even with Tio O'Neill and Jack Riley on the line-up the visitors had little to offer in the way of opposition to the speedy, fast-breaking paintmen...they ripped the Norvan's defence wide open and skated right in on top of young Tommy Horne, Vancouver goalie, for telling markers, and there was nothing Mr. Horne could do about it. Every member of the Victoria team picked up scoring points, with Bus Algar pacing the attack with a quartette of goals (and two helpers). The Bapcos looked like champions, and the sound whipping they administered the Norvans will probably throw a scare into the other clubs in the circuit." The Sun added further post-game analysis;"Don't blame (Norvan goalie) Tommy Horne for last night's debacle. After Victoria got a few goals up the Norvan rearguard forgot all about defense-which is not much of a trick for them at any time. In the Norvans dressing room after the game the boys were hot,  but Johnny Ursaki philosophically said, 'Well, this will probably bring us down to earth again'. When Norm McQuade said,'We shoulda missed the boat,' Ken Barker came back with,'Should of, we did!'".
Even defenders Sutherland and McIntyre chipped in goals in the rout of the Norvans
Back home at the Forum on Feb. 9, 1942, the Norvans answered the demolishing they took at the hands of Victoria by administering one of their own. They trounced Mainland rivals New Westminster by a score of 14-3 to jump back into top spot in the Coast league and clinch a playoff spot in the process; "Norvans Run Wild Against Spitfires To Score 14-3 Win Norvans were predominant throughout and went through to score almost at will, almost duplicating the 15-2 beating they absorbed from Victoria Bapcos last Friday at Victoria. Pete Bonneville paced Norvans with four goals and Ken Barker, Norm McQuade and Bill Nelson each contributed two."
The victory assured that the Norvans would not finish in fourth spot, therefore clinching a playoff berth even though they had a -12 goal scoring differential overall.
The Norvans however would continue their pendulum-like performance between good and bad the following night in New West as the Spitfires bested them by a score of 8-4. The Vancouver Sun reported on the affair; "New Westminster Spitfires made their 14-3 beating of Monday night in Vancouver look like a was one of those loose games where players are left dangling like sheep all over the ice, especially Norvan players who didn't seem able to keep up. Jack Riley, Red Beattie and Tip O'Neill, the purified trio, looked like three other guys just out for the ride. Riley couldn't get his smooth passes away; O'Neill didn't seem very anxious to strain himself, and Beattie was ganged up on early." The result concluded Norvans regular schedule after collecting 29 points in 28 games. 
As the Norvans waited for the other teams to complete their schedule over the next few days, they would play a highly anticipated exhibition match. Since the new year, there was talk of the Victoria Navy hockey team playing an exhibition game against one of the Coast League teams. The Navy boys were dominating the military circuit on the Island and had eyes on a run at the Allan Cup. They were indeed a quality team, as they bested the Norvans 3-0 on Feb. 13, 1942 at a packed Vancouver 
Feb. 14, 1942 Nanaimo vs Victoria
 Nanaimo defeated Victoria in their next match to tie them for top spot in the league. Victoria would beat New West in their final game of the season, which gave the Bapcos first place in the final standings. This set up a semi-final matchup between Norvans and Nanaimo for the right to play Victoria in the final.
The Clippers late surge was partly attributed to the addition of ex-NHL defender Dave MacKay who had spent the previous season with Chicago. He would play the final four games for Nanaimo before leading the way in the playoffs. 
Final standings for the Coast league in 1941/42

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1941/42 Pacific Coast Senior Hockey Association, Part 5

Red Beattie, a veteran of over 300 NHL games with Boston would  score 15 goals in 41/42 tied for the Norvans lead
The four-way tie of all the teams in the Coast League was short-lived. On January 5, 1942 a league ruling changed up the look of the standings; "NANAIMO-Commisioners of the Pacific Coast Intermediate Hockey League, in a special meeting here yesterday, upheld the protest of Victoria Bapcos against use by Nanaimo Clippers of three allegedly inelligible players in a December 20 game and ruled that he game in question be replayed on a date to be set later by the clubs involved. Victoria had protested Nanaimo’s use in a game at Nanaimo, December 20 of Red Carr, Jack Mann  and Fergy McPherson, despite the fact the three had been given match penalties in a game the previous night at Victoria which Nanaimo won 2-1. Clarence Campbell, former N.H.L. referee now at Victoria taking an officers’ training course with the militia, will be appointed to handle Victoria games as soon as the league receives official application from him."Future NHL President, Clarence Campbell makes an appearance in the brief history of the Pacific Coast Senior Hockey Association, taking over the officiating duties of games in Victoria.
Norvans shook off their first loss in five by battling New Westminster to back-to-back ties on Jan. 6 and 7, the second of the two coming on a goal in the last seconds of play; "NEW WESTMINSTER-Vancouver Norvans came roaring back from behind a three goal defecit here tonight to hold New Westminster Spitfires to a 4-4 overtime tie in a Pacific Coast Intermediate Amateur Hockey League game.The inter-city rivals fought the past two nights for the league leadership, but drew on both occasions. Each team now has seventeen points. Spitfires ran up a 4-1 lead after eleven minutes of play in the final period, but Norvans’ rally brought two goals in less than one minute. Ken Barker fired Norvans’ second goal at the twelve-minute mark and fifty-four seconds later supplied a neat pass for Red Beattie, who cut the lead to one goal at 4-3. The teams fought hammer and tongs during the remaining seven minutes and Norvans topped off their rally by knotting the count with a goal by Norm McQuade with a mere fifteen seconds remaining to play, sending the game into overtime. They failed to break the deadlock in the extra frame."
Norm McQuade with the Wembley Monarchs in 1936/37
Norm McQuade, who was 32-years old at the time would tally six goals and thirteen points for the Norvans in 41/42. He had previously played in the Memorial Cup, four Allan Cups and also won a Silver medal representing Great Britain in the 1937 World Championships.
The next week, the standings cinched up tight once again;  "VANCOUVER-Nanaimo Clippers beat Vancouver Norvans, 6-3 here tonight in a game that wound up in a near-riot, and left all four teams of the Pacific Coast Intermediate Hockey League tied up. With one minute left to play, Art Schuman and Hoppy Hoppus tangled near the Nanaimo net and before they could be separated, ‘Red’ Carr joined in. All three were sent off for ‘rest of the game’ penalties."
Despite their far improved play of the last month, the Norvans would find themselves in the basement of the Coast loop once again by Jan. 20 with a tough home loss to Victoria; "VANCOUVER-Displaying effective ruggedness, Victoria Bapcos forged into a two-point lead in the Pacific Coast Intermediate Hockey League standings here tonight when they disposed of Vancouver Norvans’ 2-1, breaking a three-way tie for leading honors."
The league held an organizational meeting two days later and the matter of playoff qualification rules was raised by none other than Harry Jones, manager of the Vancouver Forum, home of the Norvans. "With the fixture list rapidly drawing to a close, Hary Jones, has appealed to the league to have all the clubs participate in the series. Anybody can see through Mr. Jones’ latest move. Norvans are in the cellar spot at present and there is a possibility that they will be the club which will be left on the sidelines when play-off time comes around. Mr. Jones doesn’t want to see that Forum idle while Victoria, Nanaimo and New Westminster are collecting from the front offices in the post-season series matches."
The very next evening, the Norvans took matters into their own hands by defeating the first-place Victoria Bapcos in their home rink as described by the Daily Colonist; "Turning in their best performance of the season on Victoria ice, Vancouver Norvans were certainly deserving of victory, their first over the Bapcos at the Willows Arena. Victoria Bapcos, resting at the top of the Pacific Coast Hockey Amateur Hockey League standings, looked anything but like the leading club in the circuit last night. They were outplayed and out skated by the cellar-occupant Norvans and, but for the work of Laurel Harney, their cool, clever net custodian, would have taken a much worse setback. The Vancouver first-string line of Ursaki, Beattie and Bonneville turned in good exhibitions for the visitors, with the clever 'Red' Beattie setting the pace and making most of the openings."
Pete Bonneville, pictured with the Halifax Crescents in 1945/46
Cornwall, Ontario native, Pete Bonneville ended up topping the Norvans with 15 goals and 33 points while playing all 28 games in 1941/42. He finished eighth in the league point scoring ladder. Norvans coach, Tip O'Neil was asked by the Daily Colonist after the win in Victoria about this chances for the league title; "Well, from now on watch that club of mine go. I see where you stated that the Norvans may be the team which will be left out in the cold. I have a good hockey club which is under-estimated by a lot of people, especially those in Victoria and Nanaimo, but when playoff time comes around they will know we are still in the league. Although I am cleared by the National Hockey League officials, I will not be playing this year, but Jack Riley will probably be wearing a uniform before very long."
Norvans player/coach Tip O'Neil
The fine play of the Norvans failed to carryover the next night as they travelled to Nanaimo; "Clippers Come From Behind to Trim Vancouver Norvans, 7-3, to Take Second Position in Coast Hockey League - Shipbuilders Lead 3-0 at One Stage Going into the final period trailing by two goals, Clippers turned on the heat right from the whistle. The final frame was marked by scenes of the wildest uproar with penalties being handed out with ways as tempers crept higher and higher. For two periods Norvans had much the better of the play and looked to have the game well in hand up to the final period, when Clippers suddenly came to life with a vengeance." Perhaps a cause for the sudden turnaround of the Norvans fortune was explained by Joe Delahunty in the Daily Colonist; "Goalie Tommy Horne was going great in the Vancouver net at Nanaimo until a rabid Up-Island fan tossed a lighted cigarette down the back of his sweater. The spectator got lost in the crowd before the police could locate him."
Two days later, the Norvans were back on home ice at the Forum and once again put forward a fine effort against Victoria; "Bapcos Defeated By Vancouver in Close Match, 3-2 Displaying a well-balanced team, Vancouver Norvans came from behind here tonight to down Victoria Bapcos, 3-2."
As the month of January wound down, the League standings tightened up once again with Norvans and Nanaimo producing big wins on Jan. 30 causing a three-way tie at 23 points with them and Victoria. The Norvans 6-4 win over New West was bolstered by the addition of former NHL-er Jack Riley.
Jack Riley shown with Montreal in 1934
"Vancouver Novans outfought New Westminster Spitfires and emerged with a 6-4 victory in a fast, wide-open Pacific Coast Intermediate Amateur Hockey League game here tonight. Jack Riley, former Vancouver Lions player of the now defunct Pacific Coast Professional League who received word today of his amateur reinstatement, bolstered Norvans and had a steadying effect." Riley contributed immediately, with two helpers on goals by Ken Barker. Riley had played full NHL seasons with Montreal in 33/34 and 34/35, producing 17 points and 15 points in each campaign. In 1940/41 he topped the PCHL with 40 assists for the Vancouver Lions. In addition to Riley, player/coach O'Neill had been officially reinstated as an amateur but he was unsure of whether or not he'd actually suit up for his Norvans. "The decision was handed out by President George Dudley. Both would have received their amateur cards a long time ago but for the stubbornness of Guy Patrick, former manager of the professional Vancouver Lions. Patrick wanted them to play with the Tulsa Oilers this season, but Riley and O'Neill turned him down flat." A West coast legend ended up being a large influencer in the two players being reinstated, Fred 'Cyclone' Taylor helping to pull the strings back east, Vancouver Sun told, "Cyclone Taylor is back from his annual trip East. Cyclone had a talk with the powers that be in his inimitable, sincere way, and Tip O'Neill and Jack Riley were declared free agents, free to get amateur cards to play for Norvans. The Coast is fortunate, having a respected hockey immortal like Taylor and the amateur league which is going so well might do well to invite him into their executive."
Normans beat New West 6-4 at The Forum, Jan. 30, 1942
The following night the teams re-matched with Victoria exacting revenge on Nanaimo and the Norvans dismantling the Spitfires once again in New Westminster; "Displaying a well-balanced team, Norvans had command of most of the play and Goalie Tom Horne turned in a brilliant performance and registered his first shutout of the season. Johnny Ursaki scored two of Norvans' goals and Pete Bonneville and Jack Riley got the other two."

Next up, will the addition of NHL-er Jack Riley continue to pay dividends?

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1941/42 Pacific Coast Senior Hockey Association, Part 4

Nanaimo Clipper, against whom the Norvans snapped their 7-game losing streak
 After an entire month of losing every game they played, the Vancouver Norvans Shipyards broke a seven-game losing streak with a surprise home win at the Vancouver Forum over New Westminster on Dec. 15, 1941. The Victoria Daily Colonist reported; "Vancouver Norvans Nose Out Spitfires In Hockey Surprise - Halt Losing Streak at Expense of League Leading New Westminster Club, 4-3 – Beattie Nets Two Goals in Final Period Offensive With a trio of new players and return of several on the injured list Norvans gave a much improved performance over that of the past few weeks which saw them drop seven games in a row."
New Westminster Spitfires
The following night back in New Westminster, the Norvans continued their turnaround; "Vancouver Iceman Register Victory Over Rival Squad - Norvans Continue Bid for Cost Hockey League Honors by Rallying in Final Period to Turn Back New Westnminster Spitfires, 4-3 – Nanaimo Here on Friday NEW WESTMINSTER-Staging a terrific last-period surge, Vancouver Norvans chalked up their second successive victory over New Westminster Spitfires here tonight when they downed them 4-3 in a Pacific Coast Amateur Intermediate Hockey League game that ended in a near riot. With only seconds remaining to play, the players engaged in a free-for-all on the ice and Art Schuman, Vancouver and Ed Trites of Spitfires, were penalized. They  attempted to continue the fight in the stands and spectators joined in, but police intervened and stopped the fracas. The score was an exact duplicate of last night’s victory and drew Norvans to within one point of third-place Nanaimo Clippers. Trailing 3-1 going into the final session, Norvans began to roll like a well-oiled machine and ‘Red’ Beattie cut the lead to 3-2 after three minutes of play. Bonneville evened the score four minutes later. Norvans forged into the lead at twelve-minute mark on a goal by Ken Barker from Schuman while New Westminster was short-handed."
Some good old original Slap Shot action with players fighting in the stands and the police intervening. A timely power play marker capped a three goal third for the Norvans in this exciting affair.

The Norvans won their third straight 4-3 game against Nanaimo on Dec. 22 as they clawed their way back into the Coast League race; "Vancouver Beats Nanaimo in Keen Ice Hockey Game Norvans Tighten Up Race for Coast League Honors By Downing Up-Islanders, 4-3 – Peters Scores Winning Goal in Last Period – Spitfires And Clippers Meet Tonight" Three victories in a row to turn their season around, the explanation could be as simple as being called out by their coach as told by the Daily Colonist; "Tip O’Neil, manager of the Vancouver hockey team, called his men together last week and said in a loud penetrating voice; ‘You fellows get out there and play hockey from now on or you’ll be looking for work somewhere else?’ The order hit the right spot for the Norvans skated out and trimmed the league-leading New Westminster club twice, and on consecutive nights."
The roll continued on Dec. 29 at home; "Vancouver Icemen Turn Back Bapcos In Hockey Fixture
VANCOUVER- Vancouver Norvans moved their winning streak to four straight games tonight as they downed Victoria Bapcos, 3-2 in a Pacific Coast Intermediate Amateur Hockey League game here. The win put Norvans into a tie with Bapcos, three points back of the league-leading New Westminster Spitfires and Nanaimo Clippers, also tied. The game opened slow and neither team seemed to be able to get going during the first fifteen minutes. Norvans had a narrow escape when Goalie Tommy Horne left a loose puck lying in front of the goal after making a stop. Bapcos tried hard for the evener and carried the play to the Vancouver end a number of times, but just couldn’t make it. Harney was called on to stop a lot of pucks himself before the game ended."
The Norvan's fourth consecutive victory left all four Coast League teams within one game of each other in the standings. The streak would come to a halt in their first game of the new year on Jan. 2 in Victoria; "There is standing room only at the top of the Pacific Coast Intermediate Amateur Hockey League today as a third team, Victoria Bapcos, crowded into that rarified atmosphere as a result of their four-all overtime draw with Vancouver Norvans at the Willows Ice Arena last night. Two majors to McIntyre and Schuman were handed out in the second session for fighting, and the gladiators were still watching the proceedings from the bastille when Algar was waived off on a trip. The McIntyre-Schulman set-to brought both men to the ice swinging and was gleefully appreciated by some 1,800 howling fans. Schulman dived for the Bapco rearguard in what was apparently intended for a flying tackle and the big fellow braced for the attack, met the onslaught with a series of effective uppercuts. When the boys were eventually pried apart and examined for injuries it was discovered that little damage had been inflicted. Bapcos looked like the better conditioned club as they overran the Vancouver team in the early stages of the third period. The tempo of the game, faster than in either the first or second periods, continued at a driving pace as the Norvans, trying desperately for the tying counter, drove in with threatening rushes."
 The next evening, a log-jam was caused in there Coast League standings as the Norvans beat Nanaimo with yet another 4-3 victory; "Mainlanders Come From Behind and Nose Out Nanaimo
Norvans Mark Up 4-3 Decision Over Clippers in Pacific Coast Hockey League Encounter- Outcome Leaves All Four Clubs Tied Up With Fifteen Points Each NANAIMO-Vancouver Norvans tonight moved into the favored first place circle, already occupied by Spitfires, Clippers and Bapcos, to create a four-way tie by defeating Clippers 4-3, in a hard fought Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey League fixture at the arena here."

Next post; they can't all finish first, can they?

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1941/42 Pacific Coast Senior Hockey Association, Part 3

Victoria Bapcos netminder, Laurel Harney
After an impressive two wins to kick off the campaign, the Vancouver Norvan Shipyards squad had dropped five consecutive games. After losing a tightly contested affair by a score of 3-1 in Victoria on Nov. 29, the Norvans proceeded up-island and were dismantled the next night by the Nanaimo Clippers by a tune of 10-7. The Daily Colonist described; "
Up-Islanders Score 10-7 Decision Over Norvans in Coast Hockey League Fixture on Mainland – Net Eight Goals in Third Period VANCOUVER- Nanaimo Clippers climbed into third place in the Pacific Coast Intermediate Amateur Hockey League tonight when they came from behind to trounce Vancouver Norvans, 10-7. The win pulled Clippers a point above Norvans, who dropped down into the cellar spot. Norvans held  wide edge on play during the first two periods, but lost Goalie George Hart late in the second. Hart went off with a badly cut eye when struck by a stick during a melee near the Vancouver goal."
However, before the Norvans could even contemplate righting the ship on the ice, history happened.
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour threw the entire West coast of North America into a state of panic and readiness. The Daily Colonist on Dec. 9, 1941 reported on how the situation affected something as menial as a hockey game;
"Blackouts to Continue As Long as Threat of Enemy Attack Remains
Coastal Cities Darkened as Japanese Aircraft Are Reported Off California and Near the Aleutian Islands- Authorities Warn Violations of Regulations Will Not Be Permitted. Prospects of blacked-out nights extending indefinitely into the future were a reality for Victorians this morning as they emerged, none the worse from the experience from their first real enemy air raid threat. The blackout embraced all the coastal cities in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California. In this province the measures  were taken on the receipt of information that an air attack on the Pacific Northwest Coast was imminent. The Western Air Command also ordered larger broadcasting stations in Alberta and Saskatchewan shut down. All stations on the Pacific Coast, except one Seattle station, signed off at 9 p.m. The reason for the order, as explained by a regional director of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, was that ‘it was reported on good authority that a Japanese flight of planes was coming in on the Pacific Coast; we did not want them to ride in on our beam’. Automobiles, trucks and motorcycles were permitted to reappear on the streets when they complied with certain instructions, issued in an order by Premier Pattullo, by virtue of the authority conferred on him under the Defence of Canada Regulations. The order follows:‘Complete blackout of all lights and radio communications on Vancouver Island and the whole Coast of British Columbia and the Lower Mainland will be carried out from 5 p.m. until 8 a.m. each night until further orders. Places of amusement and business establishments will extinguish all outside lights, including electric signs, and inside lights must be arranged to show the minimum possible to the outdoors.’"
Frightening times indeed, "Attack on the Pacific Northwest was imminent".  The following day the paper continued describing the situation;
Coast Hockey League Games Are Held Up President Awaiting Word From Military Authorities- May Play Here
President Jack Ryan, of the Pacific Coast Intermediate Hockey League, said today he was awaiting information from military authorities before making a decision as to whther league games should be continued for the remainder of the season in the blackout. Workmen were busy yesterday at the Willows Arena painting windows and skylights and, according to H.B. ‘Barney’ Olson, managing director, not a speck of light is now visible from the outside of the building. Everything possible, Mr. Olson stated, is being done to comply with the blackout regulations, and I feel certain the game with Vancouver Norvans and Victoria Bapcos will be played.  VANCOUVER-Blackout orders on the Pacific Coast have forced cancellation of tonight’s hockey game between New Westminster Spitfires and Victoria Bapcos at New Westminster, Doug Grimston, vice-president of the British Columbia Hockey Association, announced today. ‘We thought it was the best thing to do,’ Grimston said. ‘However once we get used to the strangeness of the blackout we’ll start running our games again.’ Last night’s game between Bapcos and Vancouver Norvans at the Vancouver Forum was canceled, and the Victoria team, which had arrived here, ordered home."
As things got real on the Pacific Coast, the amateur hockey league of the same name attempted to trudge forward in an effort to provide entertainment for the panicked populace. By Dec. 12, the teams were ready to get back in action after all necessary blackout precautions had been implemented;
"New Players Here Tonight With Norvans Vancouver Hockey Club Strengthened for Fixture With Victoria Bapcos
Officials of the Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey League and rink managers have hung out the old ‘business as usual’ sign and play will continue as per schedule in Victoria on Friday night when Vancouver Norvans tangle with Bapcos of the Capital City. When Norvans take the ice against Bapcos tomorrow night they will show a line-up considerably altered to the squad that faced the Capital City team in their last meeting. Three new players will accompany Vancouver to Victoria. Bolstering the defence department is Barney Barneski, from Trail, while the  forward line will be aided by the services of two former Turner Valley Oilers, Johnny Ursaki, who will show at centre, and Norm McQuade, taking over a spot at left wing. While putting a temporary halt to hockey, the blackout actually was appreciated by the injury-riddled Norvans. It gave their crippled players a rest and a chance to mend and also time to line up some new material in an attempt to pull out of the cellar, where they are currently stationed."
The thinking was that the unexpected break in league play may do the floundering Norvans some good, in addition to allowing their injured players to heal they brought in additional talent in an effort to stem the tide of losses. It didn't work, as the Colonist outlined the following day;
"Victoria Registers Fifth Straight Win By Beating Norvans For Coach Tip O’Neil’s Norvans it was also six straight defeats. Beaten on their first Victoria appearance some time ago, the Norvans have found it extremely difficult to again climb aboard the winning van. Victoria Bapcos, despite their 3-1 score, did not dominate the play, but they displayed considerably more finish than the boys from the North Shore. Norvans went along very nicely until they passed the blueline and met the Victoria defence that spelled trouble and a lot of hard work. Spectacular goal tending was the order of the evening with teen-aged Tommy Horne guarding the nets for Vancouver Norvans and Laurel Harney, Victoria Bapcos’ net custodian each receiving their share of the applause from the fans."
Nanaimo vs Victoria in action prior to the blackout hiatus
The following night in Nanaimo, the Norvans dropped a tough 2-1 decision to the Clippers to run their losing streak to seven games. There was the bright spot of the goaltending of young Tommy Horne who had allowed only five markers over the two losses. Perhaps a turnaround was forthcoming for the Norvans.
Standings on Dec. 14, 1941

Next up, righting the good ship Norvans.

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