Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gretzky-curricular Activities

I finally got around to scanning this great article which consisted mainly of photos with captions. It's from a magazine called Hockey Scene that was put out during the 1983/84 season. This article focuses on how Wayne spent a week the previous summer at the famed (?) Concord Hotel in Upstate New York. Here we see Wayne taking time out from his activities to judge a "Beauty Contest". I'm not sure if these two prize catches were contestants or Kevin Lowe and Dave Hunter in drag. Sure hope Wayne didn't do anything stupid that evening.

Apparently there is a lack of a dress code at the famed Concord Resort golf course as Wayne is decked out in a classy tee. I know this was the summer of 1983, and I remember the summer of '83...but aren't those shorts just a little short?
At least the sophisticated veteran Larry Robinson managed to wrangle up a collar for the golf outing.

The boys did manage to get on the ice as well. Here they're posing with baseball Hall of Famer, ex-Detroit Tiger, Hank Greenberg. I wonder if either of them had ever heard of him.

Here's Wayner slapping a tennis ball around. Not sure if thats a sleeveless tee, or just rolled up. Maybe he just snipped them off after his golf round.

Finally, Gretz plays a little softball. We've often heard that he was almost as good a short-stop as he was a hockey player. One thing for sure, no matter the summer sport Wayne's tight little shorts are aways worn.


horchy said...

how did that picture of tracy austin get in there?

Nitzy said...

you mean the one wearing the tight shorts in each pick, right? could be Helen Kelesi too...we're dating ourselves Horchy

Geoff_9 said...

Wayne looks VERY gay

Nitzy said...

Not very kind words coming from my Right winger Geoffy....please apologize.

Geoff_9 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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