Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Old Hockey Art

In continuing with my old program ads theme, I have scanned some more of my favourite hockey artwork from various publications. Firstly, are two images from the classic novel "A Boy at the Leafs Camp" by Neil's father, Scott Young. It was orignally published in 1963, I have a third edition copy from 1966. Each chapter has a great image on it's first page and these are my two faves.

Here we have a great retro ad from a 1961 Maple Leafs programme (they spelled it like that back then).

And from the same issue, a real cool ad for Esso...
Now we have a bunch from a 1947 AHL Springfield Indians program.
This one takes the Indians logo and gives it a slick full body look.

Finally, the "Lucky Number" page from the Springfield program. This one may look good on a T-shirt soon.

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