Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crosby's Dominance

As of the morning of Dec.9 Sid the Kid has scored a point in 17 consecutive games in which he has scored 35 points, just over 2 points per game. He has tallied 50 points in 30 games, 10 clear of second place Steven Stamkos.
Almost as impressive is the fact that after he started this year with only 3 points in his first 5 games, Crosby now has counted 47 points in 25 games. This works out to 1.88 points per match. If he were to continue at that pace over the remaining 52 games he will finish with 148 points while Stamkos is on pace for 117 points. This would be the largest margin for a scoring leader since the days of the original Kid, Gretzky.
If Crosby is to win a scoring title by at least 30 points (remember, Ovechkin has been fairly quiet still so far) it would be the first time since Gretzky had 163 points to Brett Hull's 131 in 1990/91.
Of course if he does end up scoring 148 points or anywhere near that many, that will be the real impressive story. Remember, nowadays goals are much more harder to come by than they were even 20 years ago. Today, each NHL game averages 5.59 goals while in 1990/91 the average was 6.91. Crosby's projected 148 would equate to 183 at 1991 scoring levels. If we take his season back to 1985/86 when the NHL average was 7.94 goals per game, his 148 becomes 210.
85/86 of course was the year Gretzky scored his record 215 points. Safe to say, the current season is only a third of the way through, but what Crosby is currently doing is fairly historic.

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