Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bruins and Canucks, These guys played for both.

Cam Neely for Barry Pederson. June 6, 1986. Easily the most well-known and important transaction ever made between this year's Stanley Cup finalists. Somewhat surprisingly, a fairly good team can be made from players that have played for both Boston and Vancouver.

Barry Pederson. After more than four years in Boston with 92, 107 and 116 point seasons he had seasons of 76 and 71 points with the Canucks before injuries took hold.

Tomas Gradin. Signed as a free-agent with Boston after eight solid seasons on the West coast, he notched 43 points in 64 games his only year as a Bruin.

Peter McNab. Starred for over seven years with Boston, scoring from 74 to 86 points for seven years straight, spent just over a season in Van City, scoring 23 goals in 84/85.

Chris Oddleifson. Traded in March of 1974 from the Bruins for Bobby Schmautz, he went on to have six solid years with the Canucks.

Right Wing
Cam Neely. Three years with Vancouver, topping out at 21 goals went on to a Hall of Fame career in Boston.

Bobby Schmautz. Almost three full years with the Nucks including 38 goals in 72/73, Schmautzie then played over five years with the B's.

Left Wing
Geoff Courtnall. Started his career with four seasons in Boston and had 32 goals when traded to Edmonton in March of '88. Picked up for the stretch drive in 1991 by Vancouver, had four good years with Vancouver topping out at 31 goals in 92/93.

Doug Halward. Began his career with parts of three years in Boston. Five seasons with the Canucks including a 52 point year in 82/83.

Greg Hawgood. Another Bruin draftee had two full years in Boston as well as a 22 point season in Vancouver.

Jiri Slegr. Vancouver draft pick had 26 and 38 points to start his career. Finished up with Boston ten years later for a pair of seasons.

Andrew Alberts. Current Canuck and Bruin draft pick in 2001.

Andrew Raycroft. Calder Trophy winner with Boston, was back-up last year for the Canucks.

Alex Auld. 67 game, 33 win year for Vancouver in 05/06 and finished 07/08 with 23 games in Boston.

Peter Skudra. 25 games with Boston in 2000/01, then signed as a free agent with Vancouver playing 23 games each of the next two seasons.

On a similar theme, with Winnipeg in the news today I wondered how many players had played for all three of Vancouver, Boston and the Jets. The ones I could find are:

Bill Derlago. Drafted 4th overall by Vancouver and played 63 total games before going to Toronto. Would play 39 games with Boston in 1986 and 30 games with Winnipeg in 1987.

Petri Skriko. Another Canuck draft pick, starred over six years in Vancouver before being traded for Boston's 2nd round pick in 1992 which became Mike Peca. Was a Bruin for only 37 games before being traded to Winnipeg for Brent Ashton. Lasted only 15 games with the Jets.

Jim Nill. Two and a half years with the Canucks went to Boston for McNab. One year and a day later was traded to Winnipeg for Morris Lukowich where he played three seasons.

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