Monday, May 23, 2011

Most Far-flung Stanley Cup Finals

I had a question posed to me by Bidzy, my beer-league left winger (yes, it's Nitzy and Bidzy). He wondered what was the most distance between two cities ever in a Stanley Cup final. This of course stems from the current season, and the certainty that no matter which teams win the semi-finals, there will be alot of travelling mileage.
The following are the Stanley Cup final series that matched teams the farthest apart, as the crow flies. I am including all Stanley Cup Finals and Challenges.

Dawson City Nuggets vs. Ottawa HC, 1905: 4351km
Los Angeles Kings vs. Montreal Canadiens, 1993: 3973 km
Vancouver Canucks vs. New York Islanders, 1982: 3937 km
Vancouver Canucks vs. New York Rangers, 1994: 3907 km
Anaheim Ducks vs. New Jersey Devils,2003: 3906 km
Portland Rosebuds vs. Montreal Canadiens, 1916: 3771 km
Anaheim Ducks vs. Ottawa Senators, 2007: 3771 km
Victoria Cougars vs. Montreal Maroons, 1926: 3732 km
Victoria Cougars vs. Montreal Canadiens, 1925: 3732 km
Calgary Flames vs.Tampa Bay Lightning, 2004: 3687 km
Seattle Metropolitans vs. Montreal Canadiens, 1917: 3680 km
Vancouver Millionaires vs. Ottawa Senators, 1915: 3554 km

The possible Cup Finals for 2011:
San Jose vs. Boston, 4316 km
Vancouver vs. Tampa Bay, 4187 km
Vancouver vs. Boston, 4027 km
San Jose vs. Tampa Bay, 3812 km

On the other end of the scale are the Cup Finals between cities that are the closest to each other.

Ottawa HC vs. Smiths Falls HC, 1906: 62 km
New York Islanders vs. Philadelphia Flyers, 1980: 162 km
Montreal Wanderers vs Ottawa HC, 1904: 168 km
Montreal Wanderers vs. Ottawa HC, 1906: 168 km
Montreal Wanderers vs. Ottawa Victorias, 1908: 168 km
Boston vs. New York Rangers, 1972: 303 km
Detroit Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs, multiple times: 333 km

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