Friday, May 6, 2011

Sean Bergenheim; John Druce of 2011

Over the course of NHL playoff history, various players have stepped up their production to an unprecedented level over previous norms. Perhaps the greatest example would be Washington Capital, John Druce in 1990. After scoring 8 goals in 45 games and 8 goals in 48 games the year before, Druce exploded for 14 goals in 15 playoff games. He would parlay his playoff run to a 22 goal season in 1991, but never scored 20 again. John Druce would score a mere 3 additional goals in 37 more career playoff matches.

This season, Sean Begenheim scored 14 goals in 80 games for Tampa Bay but has now tallied 7 in 11 playoff games. In his other three career seasons, Bergenheim has colected 10, 15 and 10 goals. Some of the other great "John Druce Playoffs" are as follows:

  • 2006, Fernando Pisani, Edmonton. After scoring 18 goals in 80 games, Pisani conted 14 goals in 24 games to lead the playoffs. In 194 games since, he has scored 44 goals.

  • 2004, Ruslan Fedotenko, Tampa Bay. His 12 goals in 22 playoff games finished one behind league leader Jarome Iginla. Fedotenko had previously had seasons of 16, 17 and 19 goals.

  • 1996, Dave Lowry, Florida. Lowry matched his 10 regular season goals scored over 63 games in only 22 playof games.

  • 1989, Chris Kontos, Los Angeles. He played only 7 regular season games with the Kings scoring twice, and only scored 10 in 42 AHL games with New Haven. Kontos erupted for 9 markers in 11 playoff games.

  • 1984, Pat Flatley, New York Islanders. He scored an impressive 34 in 64 games this season with the Canadian National team, yet had only 2 in 16 late season games with the Isles. The 20 year old rookie potted 9 in 21 playoff matches.

  • 1968, Milan Marcetta, Minnesota North Stars. After getting into three playoff games for the Maple Leafs the previous year, the 31 year-old expansion draftee/rookie would score only 4 goals in 36 games. Marcetta however, had 7 in 14 playoff games only one behind co-leaders and teammates Bill Goldsworthy and Wayne Connelly.

  • 1963, Alex Faulkner, Detroit Red Wings. He potted 5 goals in only 8 post-season games after having 10 in 70 during the regular campaign.

  • 1959, Marcel Bonin, Montreal Canadiens. Bonin led the playoffs by a wide margin with 10 goals in 11 games. He had collected 13 in 57 games that season and never had more than 17 in any year. Over his other 39 career playoff matched Bonin would tally one goal.

  • 1955, Floyd Curry, Montreal Canadiens. He finished one behind leader Gordie Howe with 8 goals in 12 playoff games after having only 11 in 68 regular season games.

  • 1953, Ed Sandford, Boston Bruins. He led the playoffs with 8 goals in 11 matches after scoring 14 in 61 games during the season. He had one more than Maurice Richard and two more than Bernie Geoffrion.

  • 1940, Hank Goldup, Toronto Maple Leafs. After scoring a fairly respectable 6 goals in 21 games during his rookie season, Goldup led the post-season with 5 goals in 10 games. He never scored another playoff goal in 16 career games.

  • 1939, Mel Hill, Boston Bruins. Had 10 in 46 games then 6 in 12 playoff games while earning the nickname "Sudden Death".

  • 1936, Buzz Boll, Toronto Maple Leafs. He had a comendable 15 goals in 44 games before more than doubling the second place playoff goal scorer with 7 tallies in 9 games.

  • 1926 Bill "Merlyn" Phillips, Montreal Maroons. One of the least known players to have led the NHL in playoff goals. Phillips scored 3 goals in the Maroons 4 game march to the Cup win. Teammate Punch Broadbent with 2 goals was the only other player to score more than one. Phillips was a late season call-up and had 3 goals in 12 games as a 26 year old rookie. In 20 additional career playof games, Phillips scored 2 goals.


Anonymous said...

Bergie has hands of stone and is a streaky scorer - he won't score another goal this playoffs

Bitter isles fan

Muzyka said...

Wow. Forgot about Lowry's contribution to the Panthers run in 96.

Heck, I forgot about the Panther's run!

Heck, I forgot about the Panthers!!

Good stuff as usual Nitzy!

(Goes back to forgetting Panthers)

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