Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1930's Leafs Bruins Photos

The great website recently had a posting of an old photo that had been colourized. The pic below is originally from the Boston Public Library archives.
Pictured heading to the ice of The Boston Garden from their change room are Charlie Conacher, Buzz Boll and Hap Day. The Leafs had to run the gauntlet of Boston fans through the arena concourse. It's dated 1937.
Of course, this lead me to search the rest of these archives and found some more great shots.
This one is dated 1938/39 and pictured the Leafs battling the Bruins. #17 for Boston is Bobby Bauer, #15 is Milt Schmidt. Leaf goalie is Turk Broda and behind their net is Syl Apps. This may be from the Stanley Cup finals of that season.
This one's dated 1930/31 and shows Leaf goalie Lorne Chabot and #4 Hap Day behind the net. It appears to be Ace Bailey skating out to cover #7 Cooney Weiland. #5 Dit Clapper is open in front of the cage.

Here's a really nice shot of Syl Apps, King Clancy, Dick Irvin and Gord Drillon.


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Anonymous said...

That colourized photo is amazing. I use photoshop to colour ones for custom hockey cards sometimes but they never look as real as that one and they probably did it in less time too.

Hope we see more pictures like that in bigger sizes in the future from somewhere.

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