Friday, January 31, 2014

Jonathan Bernier Likes Rubber

Maple Leafs goaltender Jonathan Bernier is not used to this. This, being facing an inordinate number of shots each and every game. In his 40 games this season, Bernier has faced over 30 shots an amazing 27 times, or 67.5% of the time. In his 62 games played with the Los Angeles Kings prior to this season he faced over 30 shots a mere 12 times or 19.4%. He's literally had THREE TIMES as many high shot games as he had before being traded. In addition to that, he has had 10 games this year of facing 40-plus shots while prior to this campaign he had ONE game in 62.

While with L.A., Bernier actually did quite well when he faced over 30 shots. Although his record was only 6-5-1 in those games, his Save Percentage was .932. This year with the Leafs, his record when facing over 30 shots is a splendid 16-8-3 and his Save Pct., once again is at .932. As a contrast, his 13 games facing 30 or under shots this season, Bernier's record is 3-7-2 (1 no decision) with a Save Pct. of .897.

Better still, in Bernier's 40+ shot games this year he is 7-1-2 and his Save Pct is at .945. The man loves to see a lot of rubber put in his direction.

The truth is, most goalies thrive when facing more shots as seen below. The surprising aspect for me is that Bernier has excelled under the barrage after having rarely if ever dealing with these numbers of shots on goal in the past.

As a point of comparison, here are the top goaltenders this season who have played 30 or more games and how they've fared under different shots against circumstances.

Difference in Save Pct. While Facing OVER 30 Shots vs. 30 and UNDER Shots

Bernier .932 / .897      Diff +.035
Price .936 / .901          Diff +.035
Miller .931 / .899        Diff +.032
Varlamov .935 / .905   Diff +.030
Fleury .934 / .908        Diff. +.026
Schneider .942 / .917  Diff +.025
Lundqvist . 931 / .906 Diff +.025
Rask .940 / .918          Diff +.022
Luongo .927 / .913      Diff +.014
Bishop .934 / .930       Diff +.004
Harding .920 / .939     Diff  -.025

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