Thursday, January 23, 2014

Olympic Hockey Card of the Day, Canada vs Latvia 1936

These are actual cards from my collection that were issued for various Winter Olympic games either as souvenirs or as premiums in cigarette packages. The rear of this card is translated;

"So stormed Canada ... Latvia was the object found: 11:0 was the result of the game in the Olympic hockey tournament"

February 7, 1936 was the date that Canada beat Latvia 11-0 in their first game of the Olympic games  at Garmisch-Partinkirchen, Germany. The Latvian goaltender seen sprawling here is Roberts Lapainis who allowed 18 goals in his two losses at the Olympics. The Canadian skaters are difficult to identify but the player in the middle attempting to dig the puck from the goalie definitely has a "1" of a two-digit number just creeping over his left shoulder. An educated guess names him as Ralph St.Germain a left shooting Right-Winger who would score 10 points in 4 games at the Olympics. 

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