Old Hockey Program Ads

I've been seriously collecting hockey paraphenallia for at least two decades now. A large part of my hockey den's collection (yes there is an actual Nitzy's hockey den) is old programs. As well as the great articles and stats in these books, I really like the old advertisements that most often pertain to the game. For a while now, I've been wanting to post some of the good ones. I finally got around to scanning some of my faves.

This one is from a 1955 Saskatoon Quakers program. The Quakers were a charter member of Western Hockey League, and survived until 1959. This ad is for The Canadian Bank of Commerce and features a really cool ink hatched drawing.
This one's from a Feb. 1961 Maple Leafs program and was for the old Shirriff Hockey coins. These cool coins were issued for a few years and came in both plastic and metal.

This is another from the Western Hockey League, this one a 1968 Vancouver Canucks issue. It's an ad for a jewellery store in Vancouver called Miller's.
Another from a 1961 Leafs program, a really cool one for Maple Leaf Cleaners at phone number EM. 3-7411. Ahh simpler times.
A nice ad for The Canadian Bank of Commerce in a 1951 Leafs program. A player checking out how little money he's got in the bank in the good ol' days.

This one's from a 1931 Leaf advert for Spalding Sports located at 241 Yonge Street. I think that address is a Taco Bell now.
From the same program in 1930 for CCM skates. This is one of my favourite ad designs, I may have to put it on a T-shirt.
Here, we get into the 1970's ad style with a WHA Chicago Cougars program. I'm not too sure why this goalie is making a hard turn. I've never seen a goalie do this but I like the look of it.
Hopefully I can get around to scanning some more of these great old ads.


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