NHL Players Off-Season Activities, circa 1961

Over the holidays I picked up this fantastic 1961 hockey magazine annual put out by the Hockey Pictorial. It's basically a preview the 1961/62 season and just loaded with photos of off-ice activities of NHL players. Check out some of the great shots.
A young Bobby Hull donning a hat to hide his early receding hairline.
Henri Richard practicing his putting with his young daughter. Snazzy couch.

Don Marshall and Dickie Moore playing some ball.

Fern Flaman sporting a real sweet sweater.

Jacques Plante enjoying a Canada Dry while wearing his  goal mask for some reason.

Retired Gus Bodnar enjoying a not-at-all staged breakfast with his family.

Andy Bathgate working on his golf game at his Vancouver home as his wife replaces his divots.

"Apple Cheeks" enjoying an orange.

Carl Brewer working on his shovel game.

Harris and Aldcorn spinning some tunes and having a grand old time.

"TheAllan Stanleys" enjoying life.

Allan Stanley and wife reading a book, riveting stuff

My favourite photo of the bunch, Carl Brewer showing off his palmless gloves.

More from the Stanley's, I'd give my eye-tooth for that jacket he's wearing. 

A couple of fringe NHLers with famous sounding names.

Bathgate and wife having a heart-pounding game of badminton.


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