Tuesday, December 2, 2008

All-Time Teams by Province

Keeping with the theme of my last post, I decided to determine all-time all star teams by province of birth. Six provinces have had enough NHL players to put together solid squads, right down to thirteenth forward, seventh defenseman and third goalie. I also attempted, (with limited success) to make US teams by state. No real suprise that Ontario ranks number one with almost 2,000 natives having played in the NHL.
Ontario and Quebec are fairly even in their forwards, and Quebec may have a very slim edge in goaltending, but the overall strength of defensemen from Ontario gives Upper Canada the nod over Lower. There is of course a small drop off in calibre with the teams that follow, but Saskatchewan rises to third place on the backs of Howe, Shore and an impressive trio of goalies.
The lack of third and fourth line excellence in Alberta keeps them in fourth. B.C. boasts a solid contingent of forwards but are kept in sixth spot by superior defense and stellar goaltending.

Massachusetts and Minnesota prove to be the cream of the crop from the States, yet their overall lack of numbers of players makes filling out a real all star roster difficult. Names like Darren Turcotte, Andy Brickley, Tom Chorske and Dave Langevin among others, keep these two squads at the bottom of the list. In an imaginary eight team tournament between these squads, the game between Massachusetts and Minnesota would in all likelihood determine which team didn`t go winless.

1 comment:

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

In the province list, #1 on defense for...

Ontario: Boston Bruin
Quebec: Boston Bruin
Saskatchewan: Boston Bruin
Massachusetts: Boston Bruin

I wonder who the best defensemen from Slovakia ever is?

Wait, Hal Gill makes the all-time defensemen list for Massachusetts?

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