Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shooting Percentage Leaders

I thought this was kind of interesting, Kyle Wellwood is on pace to obliterate the single season record for shooting percentage. The current Canuck has 11 goals thru 24 games while firing a mere 30 shots on the net. His 36.67 percentage would be almost four points higher than the current record holder, Charlie Simmer.
I have never really put too much stock in shooting percentage, as it's not a stat a player can really strive for. It seems more of an after the fact kind of thing, I mean, would a guy not take a shot on net in order to protect his shooting pct. Wellwood's number is however such an increase over the current record that it stands out as fairly noteworthy.
The top ten list below consists of some pretty good players, yet only one Hall of Famer in Kurri. This perhaps reinforces the somewhat frivolity of the statistic.

Shots on goal for players was not kept as an accurate stat until 1967-68, which explains the lack of oldtimers on the list. Incidentally, the career leaders are Craig Simpson at 23.66 and Charlie Simmer at 22.34. As well, there is only one Hall of Famer in the top ten here with Mike Bossy at 4th overall.


Chris Muzyka said...
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Chris Muzyka said...

What I find interesting about Wellwood is the fact that he hasn't tallied a single PIM since his rookie season in TO 2 years ago. Give this man the Lady Byng!

A gentleman and an eating-machine.

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