Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Old Boy All-Star Teams

The fantastic site www.hockey-reference.com allows one to analyze with stats pretty much any hockey related query you can have. And I have probably far too many hockey related queries floating around my underutilized brain. With that, I present my selections for all-time single season All-Star teams for players of 35 years or older.

Johnny Bucyk makes each of the first two teams at Left Wing, while Niklas Lidstrom makes the First and Third squads. Ten of the eighteen overall selections are from seasons from the mid 90's or later. This is obviously a statement of how players are staying at the top of their game longer into their careers with the help of technology and training.
Hal Winkler's NHL career of two seasons at age 34 and 35, came after starring for well over a decade in various Senior Leagues and Western Professional circuits. He really made up for lost time, in 75 career NHL games he posted a 1.60 GAA with 21 shutouts.
Bill Cook actually led the league in goals in this season of 31-32 AND the following year as well.
Doug Harvey won his sixth of seven Norris Trophies in 1961. Martin Brodeur may very well have been on his way to another fantastic season this year before injuring himself in November. He along with Lidstrom may have many more All-Star calibre seasons still in them, well past the age of 35.

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