Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More, Worst Hockey Logos Ever

Next we have “Poor concepts that just didn’t work"
The Georgetown Raider appears to be humping another Georgetown Raider in their logo. I know this simplistic “stick figure” style was popular in the 70’s and early 80’s, but as a hockey logo it just fails.

The Mario Lemieux era Laval Voisins of the QMJHL had this MC Escher-ish sideways letter ”L”. Apparently a “voisin” is a neighbour, so not only does the logo suck, the name itself does too.
The Merritt Centennials transferred from White Rock midway through the 73-74 season. I’m not sure which centennial they are attempting to honour, it’s not the country, not the province and not the town of either White Rock or Merritt. And why would you recognize any centennial with a logo of a turntable record player. In fact the centennial that the team may have been honouring was of the invention of the electric phonograph in 1877.

Back to the “Q” we go for the Montreal Red White and Blue. I understand it is an homage to the “bleu, blanc et rouge” of the Habs, but…I don’t know. I have searched for any semblance of a letter or hidden image in this tri-colour stack, and I get nothing.

The Toledo Storm is merely a collection of bad clip-art…just putrid. This team actually finished first in the ECHL and won the championship as well.

I did some research on the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana and there never has been anything to do with the space industry in that city. Why then would one decide to picture an astronaut in their logo? I suppose they were jumping on the moon landing hype of the day while tying in their long time Komet name. The drawing is actually good in this logo, what really bugs me is the blatant rip-off of the Cleveland Indians “Chief Wahoo” mascot. Also, his hockey stick has the worst lie I’ve ever seen. Imagine trying to stickhandle with that thing.

Lastly, there is the abysmal New York Golden Blades of the WHA. They were a one year entry lasting 24 games before moving to New Jersey. Could their ridiculous figure skate logo have been the cause? Really, what were they thinking?
Next installment, The VERY WORST logos of all-time.

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Bruce said...

i really like the merritt centennials logo. not really appropriate for the hockey team, but i'd buy a centennials shirt if i found one.

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