Friday, March 27, 2015

Maple Leafs and The Ice Capades

Mabel giving skating tips to Steve Kraftcheck, Bob Baun, Carl Brewer and unidentified player

 I reached out via twitter to re-knowned hockey history expert and author, Liam Maguire to help identify the player on the right. He sent the photo to his friend and ex-Maple Leaf great Ron Ellis who in turn asked hockey writer/researcher Paul Patskou. The concensus was reached that the guy on the right is Marc Reaume. Patskou added, "The Leafs in the training camp in 1958 took this photo of the defencemen. You will notice that the Leaf sweaters were the same ones used in the 1957-58 season and used in training camp and the Leafs switched to new sweaters with the laces for the first game in 1958-59 season.  That’s why Brewer has the ‘A’."
Very cool. Thanks for the help gentlemen.

Here's some terrific photos of the Toronto Maple Leafs having a visit from the Ice Capades ladies (insert Leaf joke here) in likely the late 1950's. These beauties are from the Toronto City Archives and I've managed to identify pretty much everybody (even the ladies) except the guy on the right of the first image.

I'm fairly certain the player on the left of the first photo is Steve Kraftcheck who only played 8 games for Toronto in 1958/59. This is the same year that Olmstead (below) joined the team, he played with the Leafs through 1961/62. The stranger on the right could be a minor leaguer if these were taken during training camp.
Frances surrounded by Tim Horton, Carl Brewer and Bert Olmstead
Billy Harris teachin Mildred how to face-off
Billy Harris and Dick Duff giving pointers to Mildred and Betsy
Hockey researcher Paul Patskou corrected the identification of Dick Duff as Gary Aldcorn
Aldcorn helping Betsy with her form

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