Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Maple Leafs Four, Mystery Photo

Above is another great photo found in the City of Toronto Archives showing four Maple Leafs at what appears to be Varsity Arena in Toronto. No names or dates were attached to the photo, that's where the Society for International Hockey Research database comes in handy. 

The easiest to identify is second from right, Leaf defenseman Wally Stanowski, and at the far right centre, Pete Langelle. (both pictured below)
Wally Stanowski
Pete Langelle
Both of them were from Winnipeg and after beginning their NHL careers with Toronto, both would join the Canadian Military in 1942. They skated together in their hometown in the Winnipeg National Defense League with the Winnipeg RCAF Bombers hockey club. They each remained there for three seasons until the end of World War II. Stanowski returned to claim his spot on the Maple Leaf blue line during the 44/45 season while Langelle played out his career in the minor leagues.

To identify the other two players I reached out to hockey researcher/author Paul Patskou. He was able to identify the player on the left as Wilfred 'Bucko' McDonald, another Leaf defender of the time. He was a Leaf until traded to New York Rangers in November 1943 meaning the photo would have to be taken prior to that.
Bucko McDonald
The last player to put a name to is proving fairly difficult. There are a few characteristics of him that may or may not help in figuring it out. Firstly, he's a tall drink of water. Standing directly beside the 5'11" Stanowski, it's easy to say he stood at least 6'2" which was extremely rare for a hockey player in the early 1940's. As well, he is wearing a Leaf jersey that was used in only the 1937/38 NHL season, while the other three have on an early '40s jersey. Strange.

Paul proposed the fellow was George Boothman, a 6'2" defender who essentially replaced Stanowski during the War years. Although his height matches, I don't believe the facial resemblance is a match. Also, the guy in the photo looks fairly young, Boothman would have been in his late-20s then.
George Boothman
I found two other guys that match the size of the player in question, first is 6'2" forward Jack Ingoldsby who was a Leaf for parts of two of the wartime seasons. I think he resembles the player more than Boothman does and he was only in his late teens at the time, which seems to match the age as well.
Jack Ingoldsby
One other possibility could be the 6'1" defensemen Pat Powers who was a Toronto native and played for the St. Michael's Majors before and after the War. I think facially, he is the best match but he would have likely been a bit too young.
Pat Powers


Craig Stanowski said...

The fourth Leaf in the picture is Hank Goldup

Nitzy said...

The face sure matches Goldup, but he appears to be towering over Stanowski and they are standing on the exact same plane. Both are listed at 5'11", not sure how to explain the discrepancy other than the records on Goldup's height are wrong.
Also, am I to assume that you are related to Wally?
Thanks for your help!

Craig Stanowski said...

Yes, son of Wally and Hank's son, Paul, confirmed it was him. Hank was taller than my Dad too.

Nitzy said...

That's enough proof for me Craig! Thanks so much for helping out. Now, I'm going to work on getting Hank's listed height fixed. He seems to have been at least 3 inches taller than your father. Strange that they had it wrong.

Thanks again,

Kevin Shea said...

Definitely Hank Goldup. 1941-42 Leafs season.

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