Monday, March 16, 2015

Maple Leafs; It's Just Getting Silly Now

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. The Toronto Maple Leafs downward spiral of 2015 has gone from embarrassing and laughable to bordering on the downright abhorrent. Before playing in Edmonton tonight, the Leafs have a record of  8-28-3 since beating Anaheim on December 16, 2015.
In 39 games played (almost half of a season) they have collected 19 points. A percentage of 0.244.

Toronto is currently in the midst of one of the worst stretches in franchise history. Here's a look at other 39 game segments as bad as the current one, and yes most are from the 1980's:

1957/58 Final 39 Games
10-25-4 .308 Pct
109 Goals For
145 Goals Against

1981/82 Final 39 Games
8-26-5 .269 Pct
122 Goals For
192 Goals Against

1984/85 First 39 Games
6-28-5 .218 Pct
115 Goals For
181 Goals Against

1987/88 Final 39 Games
7-28-4 .231 Pct
119 Goals For
177 Goals Against

2014/15 Since Dec 16
8-28-3 .244 Pct
78 Goals For
135 Goals Against

That is a lot of bad hockey. Truth be told, the remaining dozen games don't hold much hope for an improvement this year. Other than games against Edmonton, Buffalo and Columbus (all on the road) the Leafs really could make this stretch far worse than it already is.

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